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What We Serve

Essentials Oils, Aromatherapy Oils, Carrier Oils, Menthol, Mint Oils and Others
Customized Packaging Available In Small Glass Bottle

About Us

Kamakhya Bottlers is a specialist essential and carrier oils manufacturing company offering the purest varieties of aromatherapy, floral, spice, menthol and mint oils. With high-end production facilities, extensive R&D and manpower capabilities, we specialize in contract manufacturing and custom packaging of the finest oils for our esteemed clients.

Our contract manufacturing and custom packaging services provide a reliable and wholesome solution for those willing to adapt our products, but with their own brand name and logo. While we would make no mistake in providing 100% pure oils to you, you can have complete control over the production, pricing and packaging process so that you get it the way you like for desired profits and customer satisfaction.

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